Flavors - Fillings - Frostings - Specialty Cakes


  • Vanilla

  • Almond

  • Devil's Food

  • Dark Chocolate

  • Cinnamon

  • Orange

  • Red Velvet

  • Banana

  • Pineapple

  • Lemon

  • Strawberry

  • Any combination of the above flavors. (For example, my most popular cake is a combination of the basic flavors almond and vanilla.)

-Flavors for "basic" cakes come from pure extracts and emulsions.

-Basic cake flavors are always included in the price.

-A basic cake is filled with buttercream. Other fillings are additional charge.


  • Colorful sprinkles throughout your cake!

  • Available in any light-colored flavor

  • +.25/serving


  • +.25/serving - Any two above flavors marbled

  • +.35/serving - Any three above flavors marbled

  • +.45/serving - Any four above flavors marbled


  • +.35/serving - Fruit Fillings

     - Made with fresh fruit when available (otherwise made with frozen fruits)

     - Fruit will be folded into buttercream on warm or humid days.

     - Strawberry, raspberry, cherry, blueberry, pineapple

  • +.10/serving - Chocolate Buttercream filling and/or frosting

  • +.15/serving - Peanut Butter Buttercream filling and/or frosting

  • +.20/serving - Nutella Buttercream filling and/or frosting

  • +.35/serving - Chocolate Ganache filling

  • +.25/serving - Cream Cheese filling

  • +.25/serving - Cream Cheese frosting
    Not available during hot months and may not be available for all designs


#1 - Distinct rainbow layers- 6 rainbow colors - additional .50/serving

         Vibrant or Pastel

         Requires 6"-8" height of cake - For example, 2 - 4" tiers

         Or 1 - 6" tier

         Or 1 - 4" tier and 2 - 2" tiers

#2 - Rainbowlicious a.k.a. tie dyed or marble - 4 vibrant colors of vanilla cake - additional .40/serving

#3 - Ombre - graduated shades of 1 color - additional .40/serving

        4 shades per 4" tall cake layer

#4 - Zebra- additional .40/serving

        Dark chocolate and almond cake designed to look like zebra stripes with each slice

#5 - Camo - additional .25/serving

        Four colors of greens & browns similar to camo in every slice. Vanilla, pineapple or lemon flavor.


        Four shades of pink similar to camo in every slice. Almond, cherry, or strawberry flavor.



The following cakes are additional .75/serving

Dessert cake only - Can not be decorated unless topping and filling changed to buttercream.

  • Carrot Cake ~ Real carrots and toasted nuts, cream cheese filling and frosting.

  • Caramel Apple ~ Butter cake filled with sliced apple fruit filling & fresh caramel.

  • German chocolate ~ Light chocolate layers with nutty coconut frosting and filling

  • Italian Creme ~ Nutty, coconut butter cake with cream cheese filling and frosting.

  • Turtle ~ Dark chocolate cake filled with chocolate ganache, caramel, & toasted chopped pecans. Chocolate buttercream frosting.

  • Cookies & Cream ~ Rich dark chocolate cake with an Oreo cookie filling and buttercream topping.

  • Banana's Foster~ Banana cake with a hint of cinnamon and rum, filled with a brown sugar buttercream. Topped with vanilla buttercream.

  • Orange Dreamsicle ~ Moist orange cake with vanilla bean creme filling. Topped with vanilla buttercream.

The following cakes are additional .50/serving

  • Cinnamon Roll ~ Cinnamon swirl butter cake filled and iced with sweet cream cheese

  • Cookies & Cream ~ Rich dark chocolate cake with an Oreo cookie filling

  • Red Velvet ~ Rich red velvet cake with cream cheese filling

  • Snickerdoodle Cookie ~ Cinnamon butter cake filled with brown sugar buttercream



  a) Cakes by Vicki does not, cannot, and will not cater to specific allergy or dietary restrictions.

  b) All of Cakes by Vicki baked goods may contain or have come in contact with one or more of the following ingredients, any one of which can produce an allergic or other medical reaction: Wheat,  Gluten, Corn , Soybeans, Eggs, Milk, Tree nuts,  Peanuts,  Tree nut oils, Peanut oil,  Tree nut extracts, Natural dyes, Natural flavorings,  Artificial dyes, Artificial flavorings, Sugar, Artificial sweeteners, Other allergens not listed

  c) Cakes by Vicki cannot be held responsible for allergic, medical reactions, or a resulting allergy or medical reaction related illness to the ingredients resulting from eating the baked goods.

  d) Cakes by Vicki baked goods are not suitable for consumption by vegans, vegetarians, nor those with religious dietary restrictions as they may can contain various animal products including but not limited to: butter, eggs, gelatin, honey, lard, meat byproducts and derivatives, milk, tallow, etc.

  e) It is the responsibility of the Client to inform all individuals present of the presence of these ingredients which may be deemed as potentially hazardous to one’s health or as unsuitable for their personal consumption due allergies or any dietary restrictions.