To request a quote, contact me  by email.​
Because pricing largely depends on decor and intricacy of design, please contact us with your budget and ideas for an accurate quote. Our party and wedding cakes are priced based on several factors including number of servings, number of tiers, complexity of design and flavor selections. Basic decor is limited to simple decor like dots, or buttercream roses. All other decor is charged per design. Orders require $125.00 minimum order. I prefer to cover all cakes in fondant (with a generous layer of our signature buttercream under it) for the clean look and the way it seals in the flavor and freshness of your cake. If you don't prefer fondant, it is easy to peel off after it is sliced.
Please include as many of the following as you can:
  • Date of Event

  • Approximate number of people to serve

  • Your phone number and email address.

  • Your flavor preference. Otherwise, price quoted will be for simple/basic flavors.

  • Inscription i.e. "Happy Birthday ______"

  • Cake theme or idea. An idea or description of what kind of cake design you are looking for. You may also choose from my designs or email pictures of cakes that you like.

  • Pictures, pictures, pictures. Pictures are for inspiration and to get a sense of what you want.

  • Pictures can be easily found on the internet. Enter the type of cake you'd like in the search bar. For example, "Mermaid cakes" and then click on "Images".

  • Event type (birthday, shower, etc.)

  • We take pride in offering high quality products to each and every customer! This means that our cakes and baked goods require time for planning, baking and decorating. We suggest placing custom cake orders at least two weeks in advance of your event. Order changes require a minimum of 5 days notice and may not always be possible. We always take orders until we reach our production capacity, so please ask if you have an order for a closer time frame. We will do our very best to accommodate your request up to 7 days before your event. THE EARLIER THE BETTER!

  • Order changes require a minimum of 5 days notice and may not always be possible.

  • Please remember that your order is not confirmed unless and until the retainer is paid.



  • Free "smash cake" is included with most first birthday cakes. (If it will be picked up the same date as larger cake and if larger cake is $125.00 or more) It will be 4" diameter and 2" tall. Same flavor as larger cake. Simpler design and colors to coordinate with larger cake. You may order smash cake at regular cake prices if you'd like a smash cake with a specific design, different flavor, different date, larger than 4" diameter and 2" tall, etc

  • MOST, if not all, correspondence will be through email 

  • Quotes are based on "basic" cake flavors unless otherwise noted.

  • The number of servings given is meant as a guide only. Serving amounts are based on the wedding industry standard of eight (8) cubic inches of cake per serving:  generally a 1 inch wide x 2 inch long x 4 inch high slice of cake or 2"x2"x2"

  • The number of actual servings created during actual service of the cake cannot be guaranteed as methods of slicing, such as serving larger than then industry standard 1x2x4 size slice, or other preparations will affect the number of actual servings.

  • $125.00 minimum order requirement.

  • Tastings and consultations are rarely necessary for cakes to serve less than 75 guests. There is a charge of $60.00/hour (1 hr. minimum) if you'd like to have a tasting/consultation. 50% of that cost will apply towards your cake price if you choose to order.

  • Liability: If you or a representative picks up and sets up the cake, you assume all liability and responsibility of the condition of the cake once it leaves possession of Cakes by Vicki. 

  • We are not responsible for damage after cake is delivered and set up by us.

  • You are responsible for providing an appropriate and secure table and environment for the cake. Cakes are heavy and require a sturdy table, and optimal room temperature of 72 degrees or below.

  • For more information on ordering or scheduling a wedding consultation, visit our FAQ page.

  • After we have discussed your order via email or otherwise and given you a quote and you have paid the $50.00 retainer fee we will send you an email confirming your order. That email will have the word "Invoice" in the subject line and "Retainer Paid - Thank You!" will be in the subject line. Until you receive that confirmation email, your order has not been placed. We have had incidences where people have taken an unusually long amount of time to place their order or asked for excessive quotes and our schedule has filled up for that date, before their order was placed and confirmed. Discussing a possible cake order is not the same as placing an order.

  • Fondant, gumpaste, 3D, edible pearls, crystals, metallic decorations, etc. are additional charge.

  • Edible fondant or chocolate figures start at $12.00 each

  • Single layer is 2" tall - Double layer is 4" tall - Triple layer is 6"tall

  • Cake sizes and shapes can be mixed and matched however you like! For example, you can have a round tier and a square tier or a double layer tier and a single layer tier, etc.


•We require a $50.00 NON REFUNDABLE retainer fee to reserve your order. Sorry, NO EXCEPTIONS.
•Since we make limited number of cakes every week, this retainer fee guarantees and reserves a time frame for the making of your cake.
•Retainer fee applies toward purchase price.

•An invoice for the retainer fee will be sent via PayPal

•A PayPal account is not necessary to utilize the service. PayPal accepts all major credit/bank cards.
•Your date has NOT been reserved until your retainer has been received and you have received a confirmation email. Until that time, your date is available to other clients. Keep in mind, many dates are booked up 4-6 weeks in advance.
•Your date is available at time quote was made. If your date becomes booked by the time you make your payment it will be refunded in the manner it was paid.

•Taking an unusually long amount of time to place an order before paying the retainer fee may result with our schedule becoming filled up for that date.

•Cakes by Vicki is not responsible for the Client not having a cake supplied by Cakes by Vicki if the Client fails to complete all payments required prior to the event by the specified deadlines.
•Cake orders must be "Paid In Full" prior to 7 days within due date. If payment is not made in full by at least 7 calendar days before the event date, NO cake will be made and the order will be canceled with forfeiture of all monies paid to date. The Client is responsible for keeping track of any payments due and ensuring their timely payment.
•Cancellations prior to 7 days before due date will forfeit Retainer Fee. All other payments will be refunded in the manner they were paid.
•Cancellations within 7 days before due date will forfeit all payments. (Of course, some circumstances will be considered such as natural catastrophe, death in immediate family, medical emergency of immediate family member)



FREE DELIVERY is included within 15 mile radius of I-45 @ League Line Rd. (Outlets at Conroe, Cracker Barrel)

  • $1.50/mile for anything over 15 miles.

  • Free delivery includes most areas near The Woodlands, Shenandoah, Conroe, 242

  • Delivery time and location must be scheduled in advance and is subject to availability.

  • If no one is available at prearranged delivery address and time, cake will not be left and no refund will be made. If schedule allows, I will redeliver to same address for additional $50.00 fee paid via PayPal before delivery. 

  • Delivery to The Woodlands Waterway area or any other location that requires use of paid parking or valet will require an additional minimum fee $5 or more. 

  • You are responsible for providing an appropriate and secure table and environment for the cake. Cakes are heavy and require a sturdy table, and optimal room temperature of 75 degrees or below.

  • We are not responsible for damage after cake is delivered.

SPECIAL EXCEPTION for cakes to be picked up at Cakes by Vicki: 

  • Rather than delivery, You may choose to pick up your cake at my location on Lake Conroe, Longstreet exit. With this option, you will receive 10% off the quoted price.

  • Prior arrangements regarding pick-up time is necessary.

  • Cakes, up to three tiers, are constructed to withstand normal transport. Make sure to arrive in an air conditioned vehicle and place cake on floorboard and away from the sun. While it is generally not a problem for clients to transport smaller cakes, self-transporting any cake is at your own risk. 

  • Liability: Cakes by Vicki does not recommend clients self-transport cakes over 3 tiers tall, or any cake more than 1 hour and is not responsible for any damage that may occur to any client-transported cake once it has left our bakery. If you or a representative picks up and sets up the cake, you assume all liability and responsibility of the condition of the cake once it leaves possession of Cakes by Vicki. 

  • You are responsible for providing an appropriate and secure table and environment for the cake. Cakes are heavy and require a sturdy table, and optimal room temperature of 75 degrees or below.

  • 30 minute window for pick up time will be scheduled at time of order. Anyone arriving 30 minutes or more late without prior notice will incur a late fee of $15 per hour 




Single tier

Each layer 2" tall         Serves up to:                       

4" - 1 layer                         3                       $13.50

4" - 2 layer                         6                       $27.00

4" - 3 layer                         9                       $40.50

5" - 1 layer                         4                      $18.00

5" - 2 layer                         8                      $36.00

5" - 3 layer                       12                      $54.00

6" - 1 layer                         6                      $27.00

6" - 2 layer                       12                      $54.00

6" - 3 layer                       18                      $81.00

7" - 1 layer                         9                      $40.50   

7" - 2 layer                       18                      $81.00            

7" - 3 layer                       27                    $121.50   

8" - 1 layer                       12                      $54.00         

8" - 2 layer                       24                    $108.00       

8" - 3 layer                       36                    $162.00          

9" - 1 layer                       16                      $72.00           

9" - 2 layer                       32                    $144.00       

9" - 3 layer                       48                    $216.00          

10" - 1 layer                    19                       $85.50           

10" - 2 layer                    38                     $169.00            

12" - 1 layer                    28                     $126.00         

12" - 2 layer                    56                     $252.00    

14" - 1 layer                    39                     $175.50     

14" - 2 layer                    78                     $351.00       


Round Tiered

Double Layers

Each tier 4" tall         Serves up to:                             

5"x7"                                       26                    $117.00

5"x8"                                       32                    $144.00

6″x8"                                       36                    $162.00  

6″x9"                                       44                    $198.00   

7"x9"                                       50                    $225.00    

7"x10"                                     56                    $252.00   

8"x10"                                     62                    $279.00    

4"x6"x8"                                 42                     $189.00

4"x7"x10"                               62                     $279.00    

5"x7"x9"                                 58                     $259.00   

6"x8"x10"                               74                     $333.00     

6"x9″x12"                             100                     $450.00    

8"x10'x12"                            118                    $531.00     

6"x10"x14"                          128                     $576.00     

6"x8"x10"x12"                    130                     $585.00    

6"x9"x12"x14"                    178                     $801.00     

8"x10"x12"x14"                  194                     $873.00     


  • Standard Cupcakes - $36/ Dozen

  • "Basic flavor" cupcake with a buttercream swirl.

  • Includes rainbow sprinkles or edible pearls.

  • Cupcake wraps - additional .25/cupcake





Round Tiered

Single Layers 

Each tier 2" tall          Serves up to:                             

7″x9"                                    28                        $126.00   

7″x10"                                  29                        $130.50  

8"x10"                                  30                        $135.00    

10"x12"                                48                        $216.00     

5"x7"x9"                              29                        $130.50     

6"x8"x10"                            36                        $162.00     

8"x10'x12"                           58                        $261.00  

Round Tiered

Triple Layers

Each tier 6" tall          Serves up to:                               

5"x7"                                       39                   $195.00

5"x8"                                       48                   $240.00

6″x8"                                       54                   $270.00

6″x9"                                       66                   $330.00

7"x9"                                       75                   $375.00

7"x10"                                     84                  $420.00

8"x10"                                     93                  $465.00

5"x7"x9"                                 87                  $435.00

6"x8"x10"                             111                  $550.00

6"x9″x12"                             150                 $750.00

8"x10'x12"                           174                  $870.00

6"x10"x14"                          192                  $960.00



Each layer 2" tall        Serves up to:                         

6" - 1 layer                          6                      $30.00          

6" - 2 layer                        12                      $60.00            

9" - 1 layer                        13                      $65.00        

9" - 2 layer                        26                    $130.00      

12" - 1 layer                      20                    $100.00       

12" - 2 layer                      40                    $200.00           

15" - 1 layer                      35                    $175.00    

​15" - 2 layer                      70                    $350.00   



Each layer 2" tall       Serves up to:                        

8" - 1 layer                        16                       $72.00      

8" - 2 layer                        32                     $144.00        

10" - 1 layer                      25                     $112.50   

10" - 2 layer                      50                     $225.00           

12" - 1 layer                     36                      $162.00       

12" - 2 layer                     72                      $324.00         

​16" - 1 layer                     64                      $288.00         

16" - 2 layer                   128                      $576.00      

Round Topsy Turvy        Serves up to:                        

6"                                             14                      $70.00  

8"                                             26                    $130.00 

10"                                           42                    $210.00  

6″x8"                                       40                    $200.00   

8"x10"                                     68                    $340.00   

6"x8"x10"                               82                    $410.00     


Cake Cutting Guide

  • This guide shows how to cut popular shaped  tiers into pieces approximately 1 in. x 2 in. by two layers high (about 4 in.). This is the standard size cake in U.S.A. and is sometimes referred to as "Wedding size portions".

  • Even if a larger serving size is desired, the order of cutting is still the same.

  • The first step in cutting is to remove the top tier if you choose to save it, and then begin the cutting with the 2nd tier followed by the 3rd, 4th and so on.

  • The number of servings listed are intended as a guide only and offer a small portion of cake.

  • If cake is the only dessert and/or portions larger than 1”x2” are served, "party size portions", then you will have less servings than the chart indicates.

  • Round Tiers: Move in two inches from the tier's outer edge; cut a circle and then slice 1 in. pieces within the circle.

  • Now move in another 2 in., cut another circle, slice 1 in. pieces and so on until the tier is completely cut.

  • The center core of each tier and the small top tier can be cut into 3rds, 4ths, and 6ths, depending on size.

  • Cakes with two or more tiers will have structural elements such as dowels, straws and toothpicks.

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